See Seals Lounging on Carpinteria Beach

Enjoy an easy walk on the beautiful Carpinteria Bluffs to see hundreds of seals lounging on the beach.

This is a rare sight in southern California, and not very many people know about this awesome place near Santa Barbara where you can observe these interesting creatures.

Click here for more photos, full details and directions.


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Charmlee Wilderness Park, Wonderful Family Hiking Area

You should visit this amazing place north of Malibu for beautiful hikes and walks through trails in meadows overlooking the ocean.

Click here to see more photos and info

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Santa Barbara. Awesome Beach Walk.

You can walk on the bluffs above the beach on the Aniso Trail, or walk along the beach between Refugio State Park and El Capitan State Park. It’s not overcrowded like so many other Santa Barbara area beaches.

Click here for detailed description and several photos

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San Ysidro Trail. Hike to Waterfall on Wooded Trail in Santa Barbara

An incredibly beautiful out-and-back trail.This is a “must do” hike in this area. It’s a moderate hike of about 6.5 miles, 3.25 miles each way, and takes about 3 hours.

Click here for full details, lots of photos, maps, directions.

There is a 1200 ft elevation gain, so it’s a good workout!

Features: running creek with numerous small cascades, 80 ft waterfall, beautiful wooded environment with shaded trails.

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Hike to Tallest Peak in Santa Monica Mountains, Mishe Mokwa Trail to Sandstone Peak

This is an amazing “must do” hike in the Los Angeles area, north of Malibu.

If you like fabulous views and almost fantasy-like environments this is your hike.

Click here for a full description, several photos and map for this trail.

This is a loop hike via the Mishe Mokwa trail to Sandstone Peak.


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Enjoy Hike in Shady Santa Ynez Canyon, Pacific Palisades

There aren’t many shady hikes in the Los Angeles area, so it’s valuable to know where any of them are.

There’s a great short hike in the Pacific Palisades in Santa Ynez Canyon where the trails are covered by wonderful shade trees.

Click here for full details, map and description

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Hike to Mugu Peak, Amazing Ocean Views

Hike 1,200 feet straight up from the beside the ocean for a great workout and awesome views of the coast.

Click here for full description, details and maps.

You get to Mugu Peak by hiking through canyons and grasslands of  La Jolla Canyon and La Jolla Valley.

This great hike is located north of Malibu, CA.

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