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Santa Barbara’s Cold Spring Trail is a “must do” hike

Cold Spring Trail is an incredibly beautiful loop trail in the Santa Barbara/Montecito foothills. This is a “must do” hike in this area.

It’s an easy to moderate hike of about 2 miles, and takes about 2 hours.

Features: running creek, small waterfall, ocean views, shaded trails.

Click here for photos, description and map


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Hendrys Beach, take your dog on off-leash daykation

This Santa Barbara beach is one of the few beaches that actually allows unleashed dogs. I don’t even have a dog, but I love them and it is really fun to watch how much the dogs enjoy this experience. They just have a ball running all over the place and romping with other dogs, charging in and out of the water. It’s like the dogs have gone to heaven and can’t believe how free they are. And their owners really enjoy throwing them balls and sticks. It’s just a wonderful scene to watch and experience. … photos and more

More photos of Hendrys beach

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